Friday, November 25, 2011

Childhood Revisited

Our last week in Ontario was spent at a cottage in Sauble Beach that is located on Lake Huron.  It is a spot where I spent time as a child and it was fun to return with the boys.  My parents had time off and we could all hang out and soak up all the fun beach stuff before we left.  As usual the photos will say more than my words.

morning beach walks

a boy and his shadow

from the cottage

early evening beach walks

giddy, free, happiness


nothing beats a wet sand scrub

now that is what it means to be a kid


  1. awesome day to remember! the boys are great at having fun. we can all learn from them how to be a kid again. that smiley ronan face running looks so much like his mama!

  2. SO true Anushka - as we get caught up in life we need the reminders to slow down, have fun and enjoy it all!!!!!