Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Babes and Beaches

Haha - gotcha - not that kind - our children of course.  We headed to a beach we rarely go to (not sure why - as the kids have a blast there) for a change of pace.  It was great to get all the kiddos out - even the new tiny one Eliaa who was less then 2 months at the time.  As usual, I tell of our adventures through photos and many of them.

Bai Long

Erik and Jen

boogy boarding - the waves were pretty fun that day



Elijah and Jen

a moment for Ro

brothers - can you tell?

Dill takes a rest

the sea weed creation

the newest addition - Rose's baby Eliaa - she will be running around with the crew in no time

baby fingers

4 chicas (see the fourth?)

Oh Emma - I remember when you first arrived on the island as a little babe a few months old

Karla and Emma

mom and daughter

lucky girl to grow up with 5 boys cheering her on

psst - dont tell anyone Jen is sneaking a break from studying

can you tell they were making faces at each other?

a fitting end to a great day


  1. What beautiful faces! You really capture people at their finest! Your boys look so fearless in the water. I love it.

  2. Hi Cheyenne!! So glad you stopped by my blog so that I may come here to see your gorgeous photos and blog!!!
    I have never been to St. Maarten but I think my French inlaws have best friends that go their all the time! What a beautiful place...
    How cool would it be though if we were in CO at the same time!!
    Am following you now!!

  3. Thanks MJ - we will be in CO for a few months this summer. Will you be there then? Many French people vacation here and the French who live here return to France for their vacations. Thanks for following!!!!!

  4. Thanks Christina - as I get more into photography I am finding I love catching peoples faces - that moment of expression that tells a story. As I was a water baby it only makes sense my boys are - I am so thankful they love it as much as I do - just wait until our Christmas waves come - there will be lots of action!!!

  5. I am so glad you came to visit me! don't worry that was one of the LONGEST posts ever posted on my blog :P lol I love your photography and your children are beautiful. I love the "new edition" :D too cute <3

  6. Thanks Ali - you have one heck of a cutey pie yourself!!!!! Thanks for visiting.