Friday, November 25, 2011

End of Summer Moments

It seemed our last few days with Oma and Papa flew by......we immersed ourselves in life at the beach and all that means.

that meant renting bikes to ride on the beach for the week

brotherly moments

a fun surprise

this taste comes back from my childhood - tiger tail

EARLY breakfast in bed before our flight back to the island

Thank you to Oma and Papa for these special summer times.  To share with the boys memories from my childhood and providing an opportunity to create ones of their own.  They will forever remember the times we shared during our time in Ontario.  The memories of yummy food, family,  swimming, fishing, camping, exploring, sight seeing, and all that the word summer means to them.  There is nothing that can say thank you enough for opening up this window of experience for them.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - we love you  and miss you Oma and Papa - we cannot wait to see you again soon!!!!!!!!


  1. so wonderful to share your childhood memories with your boys! i am so sad i won't be able to take ezra to my summer childhood home in germany as it has now been sold after both my grandparents passed away. but, at least there's always the city itself and excursions we took. that tiger tail ice cream looks yummy!

  2. I am so thankful for the opportunities to share it all with the boys. Definitely take Ezra and the new little one - maybe the new owners will let you take a peek. It would be fun to just be in the area too!!!!!

  3. What cuties :D and that's so cool ....those bikes on the beach look great. Your photos are spectacular girl!!!! and yum tiger tail. I used to work in an old ice cream shop :) I actually miss it

  4. Your boys are gorgeous, and what an amazing time they must have had! What in the world is tiger tail? It looks delicious!!!!

  5. Thanks MJ - tiger tail is a little orange and the black is black licorice - it is really yummy and rare to find.

    Ali - what was your favorite ice cream flavor when you worked in an ice cream shop?

    xoxo girls