Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just a Start

As you know I take many, many photos.  It is a hobby and a passion and I just love to record my kids, my family and all their going's ons and moments in time.  Having said that, the following is just a start of some photos taken at the cottage.


favorite activity - fishing

reeling in a big one

fresh from the farmers market - healthy food eaten outside in the fresh air - nothing better

giving their love to the fish

the boys have definitely honed their skills in the fishing department - including casting, putting worms on the hook, reeling in fish and releasing the fish  - 

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  1. fishing as a kid is so much fun! i can't wait to take ezra fishing here soon. it must cool off a bit first. ugh... i love the pictures of the kids and hopi with the fish. so funny! the cousins look a like. you can tell their mamas are sisters.