Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Farm

The Farm as we call it in my family was bought by my parents in the late 90's, at this point I had already gone off to college.  Although I did have a connection to the farm from when I was much younger.  I was born and lived in the area (cottage country in Ontario, Canada) when I was younger and we used to buy chickens from the previous owners of The Farm.  Perry and Annie had built the farm and we would visit them when I was little.  To this day I remember the little pig they gave us that was the runt of the litter and we were its last hope.  Sadly it did not make it - it was just to small and weak.  When they decided to move to town they were more than pleased that my parents were purchasing The Farm.  My family has not always lived there full time but we have spent some Christmas's and summer vacations there and now my boys are making their own memories hanging out on The Farm when we come up to visit with their cousins Anna and Sophia (just ask them about the snake in the basement).  It is not a "working" farm at the moment but my parents have put a lot of work into the land and buildings and there are many more plans in the works.  There is talk of chickens and Alpacas at the moment.  Sorry to bombard you with so many photos - it is a special place for all of us.

the mailbox on Ridge Road

a home for some birdies

the chicken shed

chicken shed

the old concord grapes

the air stream trailer - it is surrounded by gardens

the drive shed and the new grapes that were planted along the fence

the pig shed

chicken shed

the door to the shop part of the barn

my parents have finished off different sections inside the barn in order to make use of all the space.  these windows are in my moms sewing room that is at the top of this side.

windows on the library floor

the barn

the drive shed

inside the unfinished part of the barn

heading up the stairs to the library


comfy reading spot

view of the fields from the library

a view of the unfinished part of the barn

looking out a window in the sewing room

my mom attending some tomato plants

the dinner bell on the wood shed

we were lucky to visit with some family this time - aunts, uncles and cousins.  we cherish these brief moments when we have a chance to visit with family that live in so many places (nova scotia, british columbia and ontario) and so far from us.  it is especially nice to gather in such a beautiful place - thank you oma and papa.


  1. wow! what a magical place. more photos please! what a cozy love filled home and amazingly beautiful grounds. i would never want to leave. or maybe i would in the winter, huh?

  2. I want to visit! I want that library.