Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Stop

After we arrived in Toronto the boys and I took a bus downtown to the hotel where we would be staying AND meeting up with my mom, sister and her daughters Anna and Sophia.  They were super excited for the reunion.  The next day we made our way to the cottage on Otter Lake.

the busy lake shore in Toronto

never can resist a ride on the luggage cart

fish spotting on Otter Lake

time to jump in

race to the new dock Oma and Papa surprised the kids with

dock shenanigans

cannon ball


lilly pads

morning mist

the most amazing butter tarts - and everything else in the store

when are they not?

a garden center next door called Variegated Divas


  1. looks like fun! i need food pictures next time please.

  2. haha - I knew you would. I am working on it.