Monday, August 1, 2011

Direct Flight !!!!!

The boys and I left the island on Sunday for a month long trip to Canada (possibly just in time to miss Emily ???).  Someone in the airline industry must be a mom who travels solo with children - we had a direct flight from St. Maarten to Toronto - I was so excited and thankful.  We snapped a few photos as we came into Toronto - the clouds big, fluffy and bright.

we arrived just as the sun was setting

Ronan was so excited to spot Lake Ontario through the clouds

clouds are so cool when you are up in them

Ro loves the window seat - as we came in for the landing there came shouts of joy as he spotted - the CN tower, swimming pools and any other exciting sight.  He often forgets he is on a plane with hundreds of people and everyone is aware of what can be spotted out the window.

Dill tries to avoid the pics - little does he know I will even post his blurry ones haha

We are excited to be here spending time with all the family - fishing, swimming in the lakes and just enjoying the cousins having fun.  We do miss Dad and wish him the best of luck on his exams - 

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