Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Should We Be Doing?

My sister has arrived, to rescue me from my packing anxiety.  She does this regularly - she is on my payroll.  It is not the simple we are moving with boxes and pack everything up - it is the we are moving off the island after almost 2 years and moving to the US via PLANE.  So we take what fits as luggage.  This is how we moved down here - although we came with much more and are returning with less.  Carith keeps repeating to me - at this exact moment - nope - I am not worried as we survey the piles we have created.  But enough of that  (there will be a post dedicated just to the before and after of the packing process) on to what the purpose of this post originally was.  What we chose to do instead of packing earlier in the day.

why would we want to pack when this is an option?

the boys had a blast doing what they do best

I enjoyed this moment of them taking it all in and the respect they show for the power of the sea.  this one was a great reminder of how small we really are in the grande scheme of things.

the joy my boys have experienced on this island

reminding myself to soak in all the moments while I can

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  1. i can't believe it's almost over. time flies!