Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Key Chain is Lighter

To some this post may seem a little trivial or a sign of being materialistic, but it is not about the object but rather what it symbolizes.  We have sold our Green Machine, it is gone - our last permanent feeling or attachment to the island is gone.  All we have left is our "stuff" in our apt. no furniture, just clothes and books and things that can be packed into luggage. If for some reason it did not fit I am sure we could leave it or pass it along to someone who could use it.

So a thank you for keeping my family safe, island adventures, all the fun surf treks (some successful and some not), all the room to pack many kiddos in and thank you for being instrumental in us exploring the island and seeing all there was to see.

Karla - remember the day we piled 5 boys, a 12'3" paddle board, 2 surf boards and 4 boogie boards and the rest of the beach necessities in and showed up at Plum Bay.  The look on the faces was priceless.

Here is to all the noises and sounds - familiar sound of going over the speed bumps (there are many) and oh the window - the passenger window that had its own plan.

I am excited for the next adventure that will be carless, relying on public transportation - a little nervous as well - I have 2 growing boys and a husband - that is a lot of food that we will be hauling.  Never the less very excited to see how it goes - hmmm surfboards and crash pads on trains???????  We shall see

We are now free to go (after a couple more exams I guess)


  1. Glad you have one less thing to deal with.

  2. Glad to hear it. One less thing, yahoo.

  3. So excited for you Cheyenne!!!! And it's wonderful to let things go knowing full well we do with it a gracious and thankful heart. It's obvious your green machine was the perfect island car for your family!! Looking forward to hearing more, and are you coming straight back to CO or going somewhere else?!!

  4. Thanks MJ - we are excited too!!!!! and yes it was the perfect car for our time on the island. We are coming straight to Colorado - arriving on the 19th of April. Is there anyway I can email you?? How are the fires? I know you are safe but I am sure you can see the smoke. It will be a rough season for sure.xo