Friday, April 15, 2011

Nursery (not the baby kind)

Last week we headed to Le Galion with our friend Nicole who is leaving the island to go back to Colorado.  She will be studying for the Step Exam and starting clinicals.  We are excited to meet up with her when we are back there a year from now.  Anyway, she wanted to surf with us before she left.  Well - mother nature had another plan - Frank called us when we were almost there to say the winds were to high.  So we took the chance to visit a nursery that we pass by every time we go surfing.  We are planning a garden and have been meaning to stop in and see what plants they sell and gather any helpful gardening tips for here on the island.   It was a lovely nursery that had 2 parrots and a wonderful owner who was happy to share any info he had for growing plants and vegetables on the island.

these two parrots were really cute together

Dillon walking down the jungle like rows of plants

one of the many beautiful flowers

this is the Rasta Man plant (not the official name - just the one we gave it) - can't you see it?

behind ro you cam see the wooden bridge and the green arch.  it was a fun little place and i am sure we will be back and hopefully we will remember the name and the names of some plants (and get the names of the 2 parrots)

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