Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just a Glimpse

For many it is hard to comprehend what it is actually like to be in Medical School - the amount of material presented each day, the amount of time spent studying and the constant fight to get enough sleep ( the mental argument of I have so much to study but I am sooooo tired).  So I took a photo of Mikes white board that he uses for studying at home.  This might give you just a little glimpse of what his world is like.

and no I do not even try to comprehend what he is studying.  this is why our little bits of family time are so valuable and important.  his brain needs a break and the boys need some daddy time.  plum bay is a perfect place for some down time - even if it is just a few hours.

Ronan ready for the beach - you can tell the temps have been rising - the funky hairstyles start coming out

we are bound to have some fun at the beach with all these toys

silly boys

even though there were no real waves the boys paddled out and Dill was able to catch one random one - always good practice and exercise

Ronan had a great time playing king of the castle (board) with dad - I dont think I have ever laughed so hard - Ro could literally run back and forth on the board while dad tried to get on.

this is not a very clear picture but it gives you a little idea of the shenanigans going on out in the water

it appears that Ro won - this is where he is the happiest -on or in the water

my big boy

a rare moment of peace

Ro spent some time creating a sculpture with all the treasures he could find on the beach

his beautiful final piece of work - perfect just like our time together with dad.  Mike is back to studying like crazy for his upcoming blocks and finals -(you will do great and we are proud of you) then it is time for a break with his mom and dad on the island.  we cannot wait

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  1. beautiful sculpture ro! plum looks gorgeous! must get back a few times before we leave... sniff.