Friday, April 15, 2011

Boys on a Beach

 a few weeks ago - when Dillon and I were out on the waves at Plum Bay, our friend Karla was on the beach with the rest of the boys.  Her three boys Elijah, Ethan and Erik and also Ronan who decided to stay and play.  I must say when we show up somewhere with our 5 boys it is hard to go unnoticed (another sidenote - their ages are 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10).Karla took some great photos of the boys in action and when I returned I got some of the cuties and their mom.  Enjoy

the crew decided it would be really fun to fill their shirts with sand

it was great - we told the boys they had wonderful love handles

the surf was big but we were extra careful and the boys had so much fun

the air was filled with the sounds of the boys shreaks and giggles

the waves were perfect for playing in

Ronan loved crashing into them

Elijah loved being out in the water

the current was strong enough that day it would carry you away if you did not pay attention - we noticed when a group at the beach went swimming they were busy chatting and they drifted down the coast - it was funny to watch (it was easy enought to make it back once you noticed).  dill and ro took turns bringing Elijah back whenever he drifted to far

after catching some waves earlier dillon decided to give filling his shirt a try to

so cute

love this little face
we were so happy to share Plum Bay with our friends, just like our 5th semester friends Anushka and Ezra shared it with us (sadly we are saying goodbye to them as they head back to the states to start clinicals, but we are greatful for the time we were able to spend together and the memories we created) that is one of the great things on the island - we are always sharing our favorite places with others.  thank you Karla and boys for a fun day and taking photos - we look forward to more good times.

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  1. awe sweet! i'm sorry we didn't get another chance to go with you guys this semester. but, we definitely had a fun filled time your first semester on the island. we'll miss you!