Sunday, February 12, 2012

Windy Reef

Windy Reef has been our go to for any water activities, sooo -   Miguel and Brandi wanted to give windsurfing a try and Ronan was more than happy to oblige.  Dillon was also excited to show Carlos where he surfed during surf club and to have daddy finally have a chance to come and hang out on the waves with him.  It was a fun afternoon watching the boys share their activities on the island with family.

the boys headed out on the boat with Captain Franck to the reef

Helene giving some windsurfing instruction

the trio


Ro working on his turning

the late afternoon golden sun

PS - here is a link for a video of a recent surf session at Plum  

sorry the link works now - enjoy


  1. He is indeed. I keep thinking about you and when the baby will arrive!!!! Lots of love to all of you - xoxo

  2. Ronan is such an awesome name too :) and I love your pics. You've got to start selling them