Sunday, February 12, 2012


Since we have moved to the island and started surfing we have always "heard" about Wilderness - some wild and crazy place that was a 30 minute hike and the surf spot was really shallow with sharp spires coming up from the reef.  We had always  dismissed any thoughts of going there as it was not an appropriate place for beginners and well it just kinda sounded spooky and scary.  As we have become more comfortable with different areas of the island and wanting to make sure we leave no stone unturned before we leave our Caribbean paradise the idea kept creeping up that maybe we should pay this mysterious place a visit.  With our good friend visiting the island it appeared to be the perfect time.  We gathered the troops and a couple of boards (just in case the conditions were calm enough that the waters could be explored) and headed out for a trek to Wilderness.  I am so thankful that we decided to explore this area - it was wild, beautiful, desolate feeling, adventurous and a great experience.  I am very proud of the boys for making the hike look easy (in their flip flops no less) and being open to checking this place out.

heading out

Docie and Dill

hang out spot to watch the surfing when it is good

Ro and Cecily beach combing

Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing our fun adventure.  

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