Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Pure Fun

With Tanya and the kiddos on the island I knew that it would be a great way to spend extra time at our favorite spots during our last few months on the island.  We had to remind ourselves to take time to rest and re-charge.

a quiet day in Grand Case

our return to Guana Bay for Pilar's first time

childhood giddiness

treasure hunts

much like last year Tanya was the last to leave the water

endless waves, endless fun

beach beauty

mother daughter time

Pilar enjoyed decorating my hair with beach treasures

a fun costume party for the girls

a morning at Karakters

hunting for sea glass

vacation treats

we were lucky and able to return to Guana Bay for a second time during Tanya's visit and this time we were able to share the fun with Kathryn and Hans.  Ronan and Kathryn immediately got the kite flying.


ready for a day of fun

even the moms shared some waves

we can at least pretend we are young again

we must be sisters from a previous life we both have a love for the water that runs deep

Hans - enjoying a break from teaching and watching his grand kids frolic in the ocean

the crown of the princess of the sea

his favorite place - out on a wave

a fun ride

Tanya and her mom sharing a fun wave

some friends happened to stroll by on the beach and joined in the fun.  Roda and her husband had a blast (PS - we hope to visit them in Nova Scotia)

the best thing for a mother to see - carefree, happy, grinning children playing in the ocean

we were so thankful to have the opportunity to share in the island fun with Tanya, Pascal and Pilar for a second time.  The memories were endless - from time on the beach, popcorn and cocktail hour at the pool and the kiddos cuddled up together in the evenings.  These posts are an album to browse to re-live the memories that were created and to hang on to until we make new ones.  We will meet up again and have another adventure, until then we miss you dearly!!!!!!!

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