Saturday, December 24, 2011

Family Arrives

As Michaels semester ended the boys have been on a count down.  Family was coming to visit us on the island for Christmas.  I have been very excited to celebrate the holidays while living here.  In hopes that it would be more simplified and more about spending time together.  Auntie Carith and uncle Carlos arrived on the 17th of December to the boys delight.  A few days later we picked up Oma and Papa at the cruise ship port in Philipsburg.  My father is not a fan of flying and so the problem was solved (how do you get to an island without flying?) by my parents taking a cruise ship from Miami to St.Maarten.  They will stay 2 weeks and then hop back on a cruise to get back to Miami.  Even though we have lived here over a year we have never had to pick up anyone from a cruise ship.  This was an interesting experience for sure.

we arrived at the port amongst all the tour buses that would take the day tourists around the island. 

there were 4 ships visiting St. Maarten on the day Oma and Papa arrived.  This meant LOTS and LOTS of people.  Their ship alone had 4,000 passengers. 

the size of their ship was amazing.  It was like a mini city on the ocean

the boys patiently waiting to see Oma and Papa.  we were all very entertained by all the people watching as well.  one of the ships came from Argentina

finally we spotted them (the tan couple with all their luggage)

it was pretty amazing to watch the crews working on these large ships

Uncle Miguel and his fiancee Brandi were flying in the next day and we were all excited for the holiday festivities to begin and just hang out and share our island with family.

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